Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Quest for a Veggie Dog

So with all my hang-ups about food and food production, the issue of the hot dog must be addressed. I have managed to find wonderful sustainable chicken, pork and bison but no hot dogs. I know that Yves makes veggie dogs. That's where this whole thing started.

Last night we had veggie dogs for supper. With the exception of Freckles, none of us overly liked them. They just have a funny aftertaste. I don't like any of the "fake meats" except for veggie ground round (a ground beef substitute that makes great chili and spaghetti sauce).

Now, I know that there are many sausages out there - both Sunworks and Irving Farms have wonderful sausage. But sometimes, I just want a hot dog - not terribly often, but there are occasions, such as around a campfire or after an evening of making hot dog relish with my mom. How can you make that much relish and not have a hot dog to put it on?

I almost compromised yesterday. I was at the store reading the ingredient lists on the packages of the regular wieners (now there's an eye-opening experience) and I just couldn't do it (did you know most wieners sold in the store are stuffed in synthetic collagen casings? You won't find that on the ingredient list!). So we went for the veg dogs. They were palatable, but not great.

So the quest continues. I heard there is a store in Edmonton that sells organic lunch meat - even organic bologna! Maybe I'll check there and see if they can help. There must be an alternative somewhere!